Farmers against Cottco monopoly

Farmers against Cottco monopoly
Published: 05 April 2018
Cotton farmers are against the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe's current push to have its monopoly on cotton marketing restored, saying this will grossly be prejudicial.

Farmers want the current arrangement which safeguards against unfair treatment.

Cotton Producers and Marketers Association of Zimbabwe chairperson Mr Steward Mubonderi yesterday said involving many players in cotton marketing was key to reviving the sector.

He said Cottco should instead up its game and offer incentives to lure more farmers.

"As cotton farmers, we are very happy with the current scenario where many players are involved in the cotton industry. We are happy there are many companies that are ready to fund farmers to produce cotton, which we all know had been abandoned by most farmers locally owing to disagreements on a number of issues between farmers and marketing firms," said Mr Mubonderi.

"The industry surely has problems. There is an issue of side-marketing, a shambolic database, among other issues, but this cannot lead to the closure of more than eight cotton companies. The problems can be easily solved."

He said the level of investment in the country by private cotton merchants was quite high. Since Zimbabwe is now open for business, it is now noble for more cotton industry players to benefit farmers.

"President Mnangagwa is very clear when he says Zimbabwe is open for business. The proliferation of many cotton companies gives big firms like Cottco competition to strive to be the best and this will be good for farmers," he said.

Chipinge South Member of Parliament Enock Porusingazi weighed in, saying after the advent of a new dispensation led by President Mnangagwa, many cotton companies that had closed shop were now registering to operate in areas such Checheche starting next season.

"We used to have over 24 cotton companies here, but we are left with Cottco and (ETG) Parrogate here. Many people lost their jobs when these companies folded and many villagers have been pestering me to know when companies such as Cargill, FSI will resume operations for them to get jobs," he said.
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