Builders benefit from PPC information session

Builders benefit from PPC information session
Published: 18 May 2018
PROFESSIONALS in the construction industry have benefited from an information session hosted by local cement producer, PPC in Mutare recently.

The session also set in motion plans to form a builders' association to advance their interests.

Speaking on the sidelines of the PPC Zimbabwe Mutare Builders and Brickmakers Information session, PPC sales consultant, Jonathan Chibaya noted that the major challenge constructors across the country faced was lack of a central voice to air their concerns.

"We have had several information sessions with builders across the nation concerning the use of our product line and we have received favourable responses.

"In the process however, we have realised that those within the construction profession lack a uniting force and voice. Unlike other professions out there that have associations and unions, builders and brickmakers still lag behind in such initiatives. We are however trying to foster unity through the setting up of an association of builders courtesy of our information sessions being carried out across the nation," said Mr Chibaya.

Mr Chibaya said it was crucial for builders to have an association that would bring them together as one voice, as this aided in the facilitation of decision making processes within the industry.

He further noted that besides seeking feedback on their products as a cement producing company, the sessions were meant to provide a platform for constructors to share their experiences and expertise.

Mutare City Council principal building inspector, Washington Mundoma, hailed the initiative by the cement producing company to bring builders together and provide an interactive platform.

"We are grateful for such an initiative by PPC to bring constructors under one roof and provide an educative platform for them to share their experiences and concerns.

"This in effect helps us understand each other better and helps reduce conflicts between the builders and the council inspectorate," said Mr Mundoma.
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