Monthly consumer basket decreases to $567

Published: 10 June 2013
The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe says the average monthly basket for a family of six marginally decreased from the December 2012 figure of $572 to $567.90 for the month of January.

The low-income urban earner consumer basket decreased by $4.10 to $567.90 representing a 0.72% drop from the December figure of $572.

The food basket decreased by $5.55 or 3.5% from $160.98 to $155.43.

Increases were recorded for maize meal which increased by $1.58 up from $10.38 to $11.96 for a 20 kilogramme bag of roller meal.

Soaps and detergents also went up by 11.56% from $12.02 December to $13.41.

The price of flour increased from $1.89 to $1.95, while washing powder recorded the highest hike of 47 cents to cost an average $1.50 for 500 grammes.

However, decreases were recorded for green produce.

Margarine went down 25 cents from $2.30 to $2.05 per 500 grammes.

The largest decrease was recorded for meat falling from an average $5.70 to $5.07 for the cheapest grade.
- zbc
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