Part-time Research Work for 2nd Year Students

Part-time Research Work for 2nd Year Students
Published: 30 November 2017
Part-time Research Work for 2nd Year Students: Barefoot Education for Afrika Trust (BEAT)
Deadline: 8 December 2017

Project and research into the advancement of Afrikan society with Mandi Rukuni Seminars.

Applications are invited from candidates who meet the requirements for entry into Part time research work for 2nd year students in the 2017/2018 Academic Year. Successful applicants would be required and tasked to work and research further on various aspects on development and advancement of Afrika society.

The candidates should be studying towards a degree in either one of the following disciplines: Economics; Anthropology; History; Education; Sociology; Political Science; The candidate must demonstrate desire for and ability to research on important and controversial issues; The candidate must demonstrate skills and qualities especially: Searching spirit on difficult issues and topics, An open mind especially on issues of culture, religion, politics and education, Reading, writing skills, A good fertile imagination.

To apply
Send your CV and any relevant publications on projects on email to / and / or can also be dropped personally at our Admissions Office: Barefoot Education for Afrika Trust (BEAT), 79 Harare Drive, Marlborough East, Harare, Zimbabwe, Email:

For further information and clarifications, you may contact either of the following:
Mr. Elnathan Gomo Email: Mobile: +263776429685
Ms. Rudo Togaraseyi Email: Mobile: +263772302171
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