VACANCY: General Manager - Africapaciti Energy Corporation

Published: 11 December 2017
1. Objectives of the Job: The board of directors of Africapaciti Holdings (the "Board ") has adopted a position description for the General Manager of Africapaciti Energy Corporation (the Company). The General Manager shall have the primary responsibility of leading the day-to-day operations of the business of the Company and its subsidiaries in accordance with the strategic plan and operating and capital budgets. The General Manager reports to the Group's Chief Executive Officer ("CEO"). Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, primary responsibilities of the General Manager are to:
- To oversee the day-to-day operations of the business of Company;
- To develop, in collaboration with the GCEO, COO and the Chief Financial Officer (the "CFO "), an annual operating plan that supports the Company’s long-term operations strategy;
- To develop and implement business procedures manuals, policies and controls whilst overseeing the long-term business strategies of the Company;
- To oversee the Company’s achievement and maintenance of a satisfactory competitive position within its industry as a leading renewable energy innovation company;
- To keep the Group Executive Management fully informed in a timely and candid manner of the conduct of the day-today operations of the Company towards the achievement of its established goals and of all material deviations from the goals or objectives and policies established by the Board;
- To consistently communicate with the Group Chief Executive Officer to ensure that with respect to operational matters, the timely delivery of internal or external communications, resolution of issues, disputes and project development matters;
- To ensure the development of health and safety practices for the Company and oversee compliance with those practices;
- To prepare the Board pack and special logistics for the Board meeting;
- As and when requested by the GCEO or Board, attend meetings of the Board and its Committees and present the information necessary or relevant to the Board or such Committee for discharging its duties;

- Africapaciti
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