Police boss sweats over impounded trucks

Police boss sweats over impounded trucks
Published: 07 March 2018
POLICE Commissioner-General, Godwin Matanga, has approached the High Court seeking rescission of an order compelling the Zimbabwe Republic Police to pay $90 300 compensation to a haulage truck company whose 22 trucks were illegally impounded at Chirundu Border Post while carrying imported maize from Zambia.

The order was issued by High Court judge, Justice David Mangota in October last year after the transporters, Holbud Limited J and J Transport, claimed the grain had been vandalised by baboons and monkeys at the border post.

According to the court papers, the impounded maize belonged to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB), but the law enforcement agents, despite having been informed of the position, were reluctant to release the trucks leading to the haulage firm applying for damages for the damaged maize product.

However, Matanga through his law officer, Musutani Chifamuna, filed an application for rescission of the default judgment in November last year arguing the police force had not been made aware that the haulage company had applied for compensation. The matter is yet to be set down for hearing after the last month's hearing was postponed to allow the police to attend to some issues.

In his earlier application, Holbud Limited general manager, Roopak Bhadra said he was at loss as to why the police had been reluctant to release the trucks, leading to the destruction of the maize by baboons, even though all the documents pertaining to the importation of the maize by the GMB from Zambia had been made available to them.
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