'Direct energy to turn around economy'

'Direct energy to turn around economy'
Published: 22 March 2018
ZIMBABWEANS have been called to direct all their energies towards economic development in order to complement Government efforts to turn around the economy.

Delivering his keynote address during the Matabeleland South investment conference held at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic in Gwanda yesterday, Provincial Affairs Minister Abedinico Ncube said the new Government has clearly articulated its vision that is anchored on business development which every Zimbabwean should embrace.

"The vision of the new Government is clear that Zimbabwe is open for business. Let us therefore shift from just politicking. The new dispensation is about the economy and working towards a better Zimbabwe," said Minister Ncube.

He said President Mnangagwa's administration has already demonstrated its commitment towards reforming the business climate and made reference to the amended indigenisation regulations among other legal pieces, which have been relaxed to entice investment in key sectors of the economy.

The minister said the opening up of the business environment would catalyse economic growth across provinces and enhance job creation.

He said Matabeleland South, for instance, stands to benefit immensely from the new administration given its diverse resource base.

Minister Ncube urged adoption of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) as a viable model to circumvent capacity gaps and lack of capital among other investment constraints.

He invited potential investors to partner locals in tapping opportunities in agriculture, mining, service industries and infrastructure development.

The minister, however, stressed the need to embrace value addition to produce high end products that that can compete on the global market and earn more for the economy.

He challenged businesses to adopt use of information communication technologies (ICTs) to enhance their operational efficiency and engage fruitfully with markets.

Last week, President Mnangagwa launched the country's first ICT Policy which provides guidelines for use of modern technologies with vast transformative opportunities across economic sectors.

Minister Ncube said Matabeleland South province was already working on establishing a website to enhance interface with potential investors as well as improve access to critical information.

He commended the Diaspora for their input into the economy and called on them to grab the various opportunities in the country.

Ncube also called on the media to play their part in informing the world that Zimbabwe is indeed open for business.  Business representatives, the Diaspora community and Government officials attended the gathering meant to market the vast investment opportunities in Matabeleland South.
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