I'm wearing the right political jacket, says Tshinga Dube

I'm wearing the right political jacket, says Tshinga Dube
Published: 18 June 2018
While the people of Makokoba constituency agree that the incumbent Zanu-PF legislator Tshinga Dube has done well, there are others who think he is wearing the wrong political jacket.

Bulawayo has always been an opposition MDC stronghold hence no space for the ruling Zanu-PF and Dube won the seat after years of failing.

"There are some people who will always say we like you but we don't like your jacket you wear," Dube said.

"That's not fair because if I do something for the constituency it's for everybody. I don't look at their political affiliation. I look at the people of Makokoba as a whole. While we are Zanu-PF we are working for everybody in the constituency. I don't think it's a good argument, what jacket are people talking about, the jacket has no mouth," Dube said.

The former War Veterans minister said his strength was that his heart has always been with the people and has a convincing track record on what he has done for his constituency.

"I work with the people of Makokoba very closely, the advantage is that we have is that we never abandon them, never ever, unlike other MPs when they win they believe that their interest is in going to Harare and in Parliament.

"But I have spent lots of weekends with them here doing some projects that help them in education sector I have. No one doesn't know that we have over 30 000 tonnes of text books donated to all the schools in the constituency.

"As for the old people we look after them we give them blankets and food among other things. I have done health expos and they have proved to be very effective in terms of attending to most of our sick people. I have hired doctors and nurses for them. I have looked for our youths sponsored their various sports in many ways."
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