Pre-paid electricity meters too expensive

Published: 30 June 2018

While the move to have residents purchase their own household electricity pre-paid meters is a noble idea, there still lingers many questions regarding their accessibility.

We acknowledge that Zesa Holdings has been hamstrung by residents who are neglecting their bills and therefore curtailing the company's ability to offer these meters to residents free of charge.

In my neighbourhood, some households have bills spilling into thousands of dollars and even if supplies have been cut it does not mean that they will be able to settle these bills even if they were to commit to payment plans.

It would take them years to settle these bills.

Considering that the company has to import power and pay salaries, the financial base of the organisation continues to shrink by the day. However, considering that most of the companies that are selling the pre-paid meters are going for at least $250, I feel the price is just too much and unaffordable for most people.

This is what most people are earning monthly, to expect them to part ways with such money is day dreaming.

Zesa should subsidise these pre-paid meters for residents so that in the long run they are able to recover some of the money that they are being owed by residents at least on consistence basis.

Having pre-paid meters will ensure that residents do not have to use free electricity at the burden of Zesa.

Please look into this issue, I feel it can be a win-win situation for both Zesa and residents.

Tawanda Pamire,

- dailynews
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