Charamba scoffs at Chamisa's vitriol attacks on Zec

Charamba scoffs at Chamisa's vitriol attacks on Zec
Published: 06 July 2018
President Emmerson Mnangagwa's spokesperson George Charamba yesterday scoffed at Chamisa's vitriol attacks on Zec, saying they were (Zec) "both unlawful and absurd, to say the least".

"In terms of the Constitution, Zec is required to take independent decisions for as long as they are consistent with the law, and of course to operate without undue influence from any quarter. In a poignant, hard-to-miss irony, the idea of Independent Commissions, of which ZEC is a part, came from the same opposition which now seek to undermine and/or overrun them. Not only that, under our Parliamentary system the opposition directly participated in processes of staffing these independent commissions whose operations they now daily challenge and besiege," he said.

Part of the MDC-T notification letter to police read: "This letter serves to notify you that we are going to have a demonstration on July 11. We wish to demonstrate against Zec for failing to provide us with a complete biometric voters' roll and failing to be fully transparent on the ballot process."
- newsday
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