Mugabe ally lauds Mnangagwa's re-engagement drive

Mugabe ally lauds Mnangagwa's re-engagement drive
Published: 09 July 2018
President Mnangagwa has managed to restore the country's dignity through his re-engagement efforts, Marondera District Senator Sydney Sekeramayi has said.

Sekeramayi, who was the guest speaker at the Zanu-PF Eastern Region Youth Convention held in Chivhu on Saturday, commended President Mnangagwa for restoring relations with regional and the international community.

"We have been in isolation for too long. President Mnangagwa is prioritising normalising relations with all nations. Everyday we witness even Western countries coming to Zimbabwe to engage in various discussions with the President. This is commendable and already the nation has retained its dignity," said Sekeramayi.

Landslide He urged youths to mobilise support for President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF to ensure a landslide victory in elections set for July 30.

"Let us vote for the man who has given our nation dignity and a new face internationally. Within a short period of time signs of a better future are every- where.

"You are now political commissars, go out there and bring in more support for the President and for Zanu-PF. Play a role now for you are tomorrow's leaders," he said.

Sekeramayi challenged the youths to protect the dignity of the country and its legacy by being peaceful at all times.

"We will be judged by our conduct during and after elections. Our conduct must not destroy our dignity. Yes, we have genuine election observers in the country but we have also those who want to see Zanu-PF falling and they will be looking for any mistake from us so that they will discredit our elections.

"Let us continue conducting ourselves peacefully. I am glad that you are conducting yourselves maturely. This is what your leaders want," he said.

Sekeramayi implored youths to safeguard the national legacy by voting for Zanu-PF.

"Our President, parliamentarians and councillors must win resoundingly. We want a clean sweep from our councillors up to the President. Our victory must be clear such that not even a single opposition party will call for a rerun because they will be satisfied.

"Let us protect the national legacy through the ballot." Zimbabwe will hold the 2018 harmonised elections on July 30 with 23 candidates eyeing the presidency.
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