Chamisa's love for power clouding his mind

 Chamisa's love for power clouding his mind
Published: 03 December 2018
It is time MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa realises that there are certain things which he cannot change and the best way is to leave such issues lying low for now.

He fought a losing battle in the July 30 harmonised elections, the platform that could have yielded power for him and his party, but it didn't. Now, his continued utterances that he deserves to lead the country, even after he lost the electoral race, boggles the mind.

Chamisa should not continue to fool his gullible supporters into thinking that issues that were settled by the July 30 elections will suddenly be reversed.

It seems Chamisa is so naive that he wants everyone to believe he has the keys to the country's prosperity, when in reality everyone knows he doesn't possess any keys of that sort.

In fact, Chamisa has been giving those who care to listen the impression that he is the alpha and omega  of Zimbabwean politics. Yet, he is just a newcomer on the scene, whose contribution has not been note-worthy, except of course, unleashing an orgy of violence against his perceived enemies within his party and those outside.

It seems Chamisa's major problem is that he has been living a lie all along, and that lie clearly refuses to leave his immature mind.

The lie, which of course stinks to high heaven, is his unreasonable and untested thinking that without him, Zimbabwe will be stuck in the past. The sooner Chamisa realises that the country is already moving forward without him, the better for himself and his hopelessly divided political outfit.

In fact, that he lost the election makes him a political nobody, perhaps relevant to his political party, which is even set to question his credentials at its congress next year.

Chamisa should realise that fake bravado exhibited in the form of purposeless demonstrations coming in the face of an electoral loss does not equate to political astuteness. Instead, it appears Chamisa really needs urgent counselling to enable the reality that he lost the July 30 elections to sink in his mind.

He should know that no matter how many petitions he sends to Parliament and Government, seeking the reopening of the July 30 chapter is simply untenable.

But a politician who thrives on double standards like Chamisa cannot be trusted to accept this elementary fact. He is fork- tongued and exhibits his lack of understanding of basic issues each time he speaks.

By failing to grasp simple issues of life, Chamisa has given a bad name to the pastoral flock, to lawyers and to politicians.

Many have failed to understand why a pastor, lawyer and politician has failed to live with an important fact of life — that elections were done and dusted, and the country is already moving forward, without him.

By his own admission before the Commission of Inquiry into the August 1 post-election violence, Chamisa said as an officer of the court he respected the Constitutional Court ruling which affirmed President Mnangagwa as the legitimate winner of the July 30 election.

A few days after, he was telling his supporters at a demonstration in Harare that he does not recognise the President as legitimate.

What makes Chamisa's thinking more dangerous is that it is spiced with his love for power, and the belief that this is his only chance to get to State House. Chamisa has to realise that elections are not a matter of life and death — thus losing graciously is noble.

Instead of taking the country back to the era of unnecessary demonstrations and street violence, Chamisa should be looking at the bigger picture of a prosperous Zimbabwe lying ahead.

He should not allow his love for power to cloud his mind and judgment, if any.
- zimpapers
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