Grace Mugabe hit with $4m lawsuit

Grace Mugabe hit with $4m lawsuit
Published: 25 June 2019
FORMER first lady Grace Mugabe has been hit with a US$4 million lawsuit by a Lebanese businessman who claims he was defamed and lost income after she instructed police to seize his properties during a wrangle over a botched US$1,3 million diamond ring deal.

Jamal Hamed, Thatchree Investments (Pvt) Ltd, Superearth Properties (Pvt) Ltd, Itchester Investments (Pvt) Ltd, Ninjali Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, New Millenium (Pvt) Ltd, Diamond Village (Pvt) Ltd are the applicants in the claim while Grace,  her son Russel Goreraza, Kennedy Fero of Police Protection Unit, Nyambo Viera and Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga are respondents.

Hamed is claiming US$2 million for defamation, US$342 000 for unlawful occupation of 409 Harare Drive Pomona, 18 Cambridge Road Avondale, 75 King George Road Avondale and  Dungarvan Gardens, Wilson Avenue, Borrowdale, all in Harare.

He wants a further US$205 000 for furniture damages during the unlawful occupation, US$375 000 and $1 million for loss income caused by Grace's falsehoods.

According to summons filed in the High Court, Grace and Goreraza stated that Jamal had breached a diamond ring contract and had consequently got deported and banned from three

African countries because of criminal activity.

Hamed claimed Grace and her son had labelled him an international criminal who was wanted by Interpol and the information was published by media to his detriment.

"The statements were wrongful and defamatory, and intentionally designed to reduce the plaintiff's esteem professionally and personally, and were understood by the readers of print and online publications," reads the summons.

The court heard that Grace portrayed Hamed as a liar and conman who pounces on rich people and does not honour contractual obligations.

According to court records Grace demanded $1 230 000 from Hamed, an interest calculated from April 2015, permission to execute shares in three companies Thatchfree Investments (Private) Limited, Zulaf Investments (Private) Limited and Super Earth Properties (Private) Limited. She further sought an order to transfer three of Hamed's immovable properties.

The court heard that sometime in April 2015, Grace contracted Hamed, who at the time was a renowned diamond dealer, to provide her with a unique diamond ring for her wedding anniversary celebrations at a cost of $1 350 000.

"Soon after payment the defendant became evasive and could not be located for quite some time. This prompted the plaintiff to suspect that she had been duped by the defendant.

"Upon realising the lengthy delay, the plaintiff demanded full refund of her purchase price. In response, the defendant tendered a diamond ring worth $30 000 and naturally, the plaintiff refused to take possession of an inferior ring contrary to the parties' agreement," Grace claimed in court papers.

She further said Hamed agreed to the full refund but only paid $120 000, adding that she has no other remedy but to seek redress from the court.

However, Hamed said the money had not been paid into his personal account, but into one of his companies.
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