Zanu-PF warns MDC over anarchist utterances

Published: 09 July 2019
ZANU-PF has warned the MDC leadership against making any threats of trying to overthrow a constitutionally-elected Government.
The call comes after the opposition said it is going to overthrow President Mnangagwa before his term of office expires in 2023.

At a rally in Bikita, Masvingo Province on Saturday, MDC deputy chair Mr Job Sikhala said his party was preparing for a massive demonstration that will "bring Zimbabwe to a new dawn".

"We are a committed leadership that will give Zanu-PF headaches and [Amos] Chibaya was not lying or joking about the war and fight we are going to take to the doorsteps of Emmerson Mnangagwa. We are going to overthrow him before 2023 that is not a joke," said Sikhala.

Speaking at a Press conference at the party headquarters in Harare yesterday, Zanu-PF secretary for Information and Publicity Simon Khaya Moyo said statements by the MDC leadership — including its leader Nelson Chamisa — that they are seriously planning to overthrow President Mnangagwa's Government is enough proof of a declaration of war.

"The MDC party and its leadership must stand warned that should they pursue such a reckless adventure; the consequences are dire.

"The revolutionary party and its Government are a product of a protracted liberation war which brought about the freedom and independence to Zimbabwe in 1980 inclusive of those who now belong to the MDC party. It must be noted that thousands perished during the war, many thousands were maimed and those alive remain disabled to this day. Property including the masses' only home were destroyed by a bitter enemy, livestock was looted and these scars remain freshly embedded in our memory," said Khaya Moyo.

He warned MDC party to stop threatening violence against peace-loving Zimbabweans.

"Now for a misguided entity masquerading as a democratic movement to attempt to destabilise the nation in our presence can only invoke our contempt as a progressive society.

"It is archaic and anti-development.

"Let these purveyors and perpetrators of anarchy be reminded of the sanctity of life of our people which the revolutionary party, Zanu-PF fought for and will continue to safeguard. These treasonous statements which the MDC and its retrogressive leadership continue to churn out is an affront to the democratic culture which the revolutionary party, Zanu-PF, ushered and has nurtured to this day," he added.

He said the MDC party would face the full wrath of the law if they attempt to cause anarchy.

"We are a sovereign nation whose security sector will not brook such utter contempt of our people's dignity.

"The revolutionary party continues to applaud the people for their exhibition of restraint in the face of such overt provocation by the MDC, a party ever ready to pander to the whims of the nation's detractors," he added.

Instead of agitating for chaos and mayhem which only breeds despondency into our people, Khaya Moyo said the MDC should take a leaf from the exemplary leadership of President Mnangagwa who has on numerous occasions called for love, unity and peace among all the people of Zimbabwe.

"We cannot be an upper middle income economy through brewing political chaos, creating instability and ungovernable state," he said.
- the herald
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