Hostile UK reception for Mugabe coup announcer

 Hostile UK reception for Mugabe coup announcer
Published: 12 July 2019
Zimbabweans in London on Wednesday demonstrated against Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo, who is in London, United Kingdom on a four-day re-engagement programme to strengthen bilateral relations and to woo investment into the country.

The minister is expected the Global Conference for Media Freedom, which ends on Sunday.

The demonstrators who camped at Zimbabwe embassy were demanding that Moyo and Information permanent secretary Nick Mangwana come back to Zimbabwe to sort out the country's deteriorating economy.

Following the ZHRO Vigil protest of 10th July 2019, where Nick Mangwana, allegedly a former UK asylum seeker, now the ZANU-PF, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Publicity, had earlier received a rowdy, prolonged and unceremonious greeting that showed he was unwelcome in the UK, from, ZHRO Vigil protesters outside the Zimbabwe Embassy as he tried to hurriedly leave in a chauffer driven car surrounded by UK security personnel.  

Chipochedenga Parirenyatwa, ZHRO Chair lady who is a Firebrand and ardent human Rights Activist, sat down for an interview which turned into a Rallying call for Zimbabweans and other human rights activists to make themselves seen, heard and noticed on Friday 12th July 2019 at Chatham House, 10 St James Square, London, SW1Y 4LE.

When asked about the delegation from Zimbabwe she said amongst other things, "S.B. Moyo is the one who announced (On ZBC that it was not a coup) when they took over from Mugabe, he has come to England with Nick Mangwana."  

She added on saying, "He (Nick Mangwana) was in the country (UK) for a very long time.  Soon after this coup, (Removal of Mugabe) he is the one who is mobilising the deportation of all the asylum seekers who are here in the UK.  

When asked about the Chatham house meeting by S.B. Moyo, she said, "We are Mobilizing all the Zimbabweans.  We should meet at the Chatham house, so that nothing that they have come to do will take place."  

"We (ZHRO) are going to protest against those people, because there is no Human Rights at home.  They don't respect the human rights.  No democracy at all, even now, as we speak, we have one of our own, Job Sikhala Vice Chairman of MDC who was arrested two days ago for expressing his views.  There is no freedom in Zimbabwe," She stressed.  

When asked what she meant by stopping things from happening, she said, "Definitely, WE ARE GOING TO STOP THEM FROM ENTERING THE BUILDING AT CHATHAM HOUSE.  That's our promise, and we are going to make sure we succeed in that.  They have to go back to Zimbabwe, that's where they belong.  They are saying, Zimbabwe is open for business and yet its open for Persecution.  Its open for oppression, so, they should go back and sit over there."

"We are expecting more than 100 people there, " she said.  

"We have invited RORH who are coming to join hands with ZHRO, MDC political party, Yes we can and others."  She said members are expecting to meet at 8:30am at Chatham House as the event is starting at 10am and is finishing at 11am.  Further checking has shown that the event will be livestreamed.

To find out more, join ZHRO, attend the weekly protest vigils or other events and to offer your support please contact.
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