Empty fuel tanker explodes in Sakubva

Published: 05 October 2019
WORKERS and clients at Sakubva's Green-market home industrial park were lucky to escape unhurt after an empty fuel tanker exploded on Sunday afternoon. The tanker was being welded in a backyard industrial hub.

Although it was empty, residual fuel and pressure built up from
the welding heat, resulting in the explosion. Manicaland assistant provincial police spokesperson Luxson Chananda could not give details but expressed concern at the unprofessional procedure.

"The incident is very disturbing and people should learn from it. "It's not everything that can be dealt with in our backyard industries without risking people's safety," Chananda said. Witnesses said disaster was only averted because the area was not busy on the day.

The identity of the owners of the fuel tanker could not be established by the time of going to press.
- dailynews
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