Defiant MDC dismisses demo ban

Published: 22 October 2019
A DEFIANT MDC says it has complied with the law and the ZRP has no right to ban their demonstration set for Thursday.

The country's biggest opposition party recently notified police of its intention to hold a demonstration this Thursday to register its disgruntlement over the deteriorating economic situation in the country as well as to pressure President Emmerson Mnangagwa to convene "genuine" dialogue to remedy the situation.

The protests, however, were not approved by the law enforcement arm.

But, yesterday, the MDC insisted they would not allow anyone to stand in the way of their constitutionally guaranteed right to demonstrate.

"We have complied with the law and we have the right to hold a peaceful demonstration and we have notified the police.
"Constitutional rights are not negotiable, no one has the right to ban constitutional rights, even the police.

"One of the national grievances why the people of Zimbabwe want to demonstrate is selective application of the law.
"Zanu-PF is being permitted and Zimbabweans are being denied the right to demonstrate.

"They are saying Zanu-PF is the only party that has the constitutional right to demonstrate, we will not tolerate that hogwash," said MDC deputy spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka.

Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi yesterday claimed he was unaware of the decision to bar the MDC from demonstrating.

"I am not aware of that letter (police letter) and I don't know about that issue," said Nyathi, who said he was in a meeting.
Since the January demonstrations against a sharp fuel price hike that turned violent and led to the deaths of several protesters, the police have not allowed the MDC into the streets in what the opposition party said was a violation of its right to demonstrate.

Last month, the police banned an MDC demonstration in the capital, apparently in defiance of Mnangagwa who had given the nod to the opposition to proceed with its protests.

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