CSC rolls out green pastures programme

CSC rolls out green pastures programme
Published: 31 July 2017
THE Cold Storage Company (CSC) has engaged livestock farmers on a programme dubbed "green pastures" meant to enhance development of feedlots for quality production.

CSC Marketing director, Mr Isaiah Machingura, said the programme was being rolled out in all provinces. He said developing feedlots would ensure that livestock got adequate nutrition throughout the year.

"Green pastures is a programme that is going to motivate farmers by making sure that they have enough grass from January to December. Farmers must make sure that they have green pastures to make sure that their livestock don't lose in terms of quality," said Mr Machingura.

He urged farmers to take up the programme seriously so as to derive high value from their herd even during dry seasons.

"We are trying to impart knowledge to farmers so that their animals do not lose value. For example, during winter or dry season the animal should remain the same. We are saying farmers must actually develop water sources to water their grass all the time," he said.

Mr Machingura encouraged farmers to deal with CSC directly and revealed that the company was seeking capital investment to revamp its operations and meet market needs.

The parastatal is expected to spearhead the command livestock programme across the country with indications that it will get a boost from the National Social Security Authority (NSSA).
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