Lifeline for Deven Engineering

Published: 29 January 2019
The recently introduced mass public transport system in the country has opened new opportunities for local bus manufacturers and assemblers as more buses are needed to roll out the exercise country wide.

The smooth take-off of the mass public transportation system has not only brought smiles to the commuting public but has also awakened Deven Engineering, which manufacturers bodies of buses.

After government indicated that it would want to be rolled throughout the country with the only limitation being that ZUPCO having inadequate buses but with a lot of shells that need massive rehabilitation.

That is where Deven Engineering will step in with the rehabilitation process.

Deven Managing Director, Patrick Manyaradzi said if they can rehabilitate the dilapidated buses successfully, the country will immensely benefit not only from a reduced import bill but will see employment being created from downstream and upstream economic linkages.
- zbc
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