Corporate 24 Medical Aid launches new package

 Corporate 24 Medical Aid launches new package
Published: 27 April 2019
CORPORATE 24 Medical Aid has launched a new package meant for low-income earners called Ndine Plan.

The medical aid package has three plans - Gold, Standard and Lite - which are meant for different segments of the low-income bracket.

Corporate 24 chief executive officer Mike Joka said they came up with the new medical aid package in order to provide low-income earners the opportunity to acquire comprehensive medical aid cover.

"Ndine Plan is meant to cover all the low-income earners as well as those in the informal sector. This is an all-inclusive package. It starts from the bottom going up," said Joka.

He added that Ndine Plan is different from other local medical aid schemes because "it guarantees no co-payments and no shortfalls on all services."

According to Joka, the Ndine Plan attracts monthly payments of between US$3 to $30 or the RTGS equivalent.

"The benefits of the Lite plan include general practitioner consultation, prescription drugs, basic laboratory tests and basic dentistry. It has a three-month waiting period.

"The Standard plan, which costs $10 or bond equivalent, includes benefits such as general practitioner consultation, prescription drugs, observation, laboratory tests, basic dentistry, Xrays, scans, admissions and specialists at government hospitals, maternity and ambulance.

There is an instant cover on consultation, three months waiting period for drugs, dental and ambulance, nine months waiting period for maternity and six months waiting period for admissions," said the Corporate 24 chief executive officer.

If you opt for the Gold plan, you have to fork out US$30 or bond equivalent.

"The Gold plan's benefits include general practitioner consultation, observation, laboratory tests, dentistry, Xrays, scans, maternity, ambulance, specialists, admissions, theatre and critical care.

"There is a three-month waiting periods for drugs, dental and ambulance, six months for advanced radiology and admissions and nine months for maternity," Joka said.

Guest of honour at the launch, Health and Child Care deputy minister John Mangwiro praised Corporate 24 Medical Aid for catering for low-income earners. He, however, urged the company to cast the net beyond urban areas.

"We want to applaud you for your innovativeness but you should also move into rural areas where most of our people are. You can come up with a payment plan in which they pay annual subscriptions after harvests. You can also accept farm produce as some form of payment," said Mangwiro.
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