Zimbabwe govt contracts more wheat farmers

Published: 02 May 2019
GOVERNMENT is in the process of contracting more wheat farmers for the winter cropping season, an Agritex official has said.

Manicaland Agritex Livestock and Crops officer Mr Cephas Mlambo said they were expecting more farmers to join the winter wheat contract farming this season.

"Government is in the process of registering contract winter wheat farmers as a way of increasing production and yields," he said.

"We are aiming at reducing the import bill on the crop by engaging more farmers under the Command Wheat programme which has since boosted the winter crop production during the past years.

"Command Agriculture Zimbabwe is contracting farmers for winter wheat season and contracting is still in the process."

Mr Mlambo said farmers will receive inputs to assist them in their farming activities. He said registration was still going on in four districts in Manicaland.

"Farmers will receive inputs which include compound fertilizers, seeds and herbicides and it will be distributed to farmers," said Mr Mlambo.

"So far, we have four districts which are receiving contracts and these districts are Mutare, Mutasa, Nyanga and Makoni."
- the herald
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