ZimCoke says ready for production

Published: 27 September 2019
COKE making firm, ZimCoke Private Limited, says it is geared to commence production once it completes renovations on its ovens.  ZimCoke took over coke ovens within the defunct steel giant Zisco in a $255 million deal.

The project was commissioned two months ago but production could not start due to on-going renovations of the coke ovens.  The company's consultant, Mr Eddie Cross, said they were also finalising paperwork with Zisco and a German bank.  

"We're trying to complete the transfer of assets from Ziscosteel. The process is yet to be completed as there are delays here and there. We are also still trying to get the loan agreement with the German Bank so that we start production as soon as possible," he said.

Mr Cross said the company was in the early stages of production with technical experts on the ground carrying out a revitalisation process of the coke ovens.

"We are in the early stages where we are doing the technical work. Last week we had a consultancy firm on the ground looking at the batteries. We are expecting the technical guys who should be looking at the gas as in how best we can get and use it," he said.

"Discussions are well on course and we are satisfied that they will be able to provide us with services. National Railways of Zimbabwe have expressed their desire to work with us and provide us with railway services. We are also trying to negotiate with Hwange Colliery to get coal. But the discussions are delayed as you know Hwange is not doing well."

Mr Cross also said that recruitment of workers would start soon after the renovations are done.

"Currently we have a dozen people who are working on site, we are expecting to recruit more people as we start production earnestly," he said. The company has said it expects to create 1 000 jobs when it operates at full throttle.

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