Mnangagwa's suitcase raises eyebrows

Mnangagwa's suitcase raises eyebrows
Published: 14 May 2018
Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised to turn his country's financial fortunes around.

Mnangagwa carries around a Louis Vuitton limited edition presidential briefcase that retails at $8,600. At that price no ordinary bloke‚ even with money‚ can buy it: it is listed as "currently out of stock online‚ call for availability" on the French high end clothing's website.

The briefcase‚ seen in a picture of the president hugging two children at his office‚ has gone viral on social media with some saying the president's priorities are misplaced.

"Mnangagwa's briefcase is worth $8,600. While the majority are surviving on less than a $1 a day‚ this is a clear case of a life of extravagance and greediness. Zanu doesn't care about the poor‚" tweeted @maDube_.

But it seems it is his "fortune" - or how he spends it - which has got people talking after his branded briefcase was spotted in a photo:

Now, others have questioned exactly how much the briefcase really cost - suggesting the price may be far lower, or could be a gift.

However, the fact a Louis Vuitton briefcase is dominating the social media chat in an election year may be bad news for Mr Mnangagwa.
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