Zanu-PF intensifies poll campaign

Zanu-PF intensifies poll campaign
Published: 22 June 2018
Zanu-PF youths here have promised to mobilise at least 30 000 votes for the party and its Presidential candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa in the forthcoming harmonised elections. To that end, the youths said they would conduct door-to-door campaigns to ensure a resounding victory for the party.

There are about 34 000 registered voters in the constituency. Speaking at the launch of the campaigns, Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial youth political commissar Tapiwa Chitate told the youths that they should embark on door-to-door campaigns in their respective districts to guarantee a Zanu-PF victory.

"As the vanguard of the party, we should be conducting door-to-door campaigns to sell the party's ideology and manifesto to those who do not belong to the party," said Chitate.

"We can only be able to safeguard the gains of the liberation struggle through the ballot as fallen heroes did their part during the liberation struggle using the gun."

Chitate urged party youths to use social media wisely for the benefit of the party and not as a platform to denigrate party leadership. Social media, he said, should be used to market the party's manifesto and programmes.

"It's very disturbing that youths in the province have taken it upon themselves to undermine their leadership through various social media platforms," he said.

"Discipline and respect for leadership should be the hallmark of youths." Provincial youth vice chairperson Joseph Nyariri reiterated the need for door-to-door campaigns, saying this year's election called for more interaction with the electorate. "This year's election is different from the previous ones as we are supposed to interact with the electorate more, hence the need to embark on door-to-door campaigns," he said.

Youths called for more party regalia and paraphernalia to market the party and its first secretary President Mnangagwa. Responding to the concerns from the youths about inadequate party regalia, Chitate said the party's National Assembly candidates were given a few items to launch their campaigns, but more material was on the way.

"However, as bona-fide members of Zanu-PF, we shouldn't be waiting for the regalia to start campaigning," he said.
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