Chiwenga defends ZEC

Chiwenga defends ZEC
Published: 10 July 2018
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is an independent body and should not be directed by anyone in its work. This was said by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga while addressing a Zanu-PF rally in Budiriro, Harare, yesterday.

"We hear there are some who are planning to demonstrate against ZEC saying they do not agree with what they are doing, but ZEC is an independent body which should not be directed by anyone on how to do its job. They should be left to do their job as required by law," VP Chiwenga said.

He said it was surprising that the MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa was at the forefront of criticising ZEC yet he was part of the committee that interviewed the ZEC commissioners.

"The funny thing is that their leader chaired the committee that selected the commissioners. What has gone wrong now? I, however, urge all to remain peaceful and go and vote peacefully."

The MDC Alliance has been making a number of demands against ZEC with observers saying some of the opposition party's actions impinged on the electoral body's independence. VP Chiwenga called on Budiriro residents to vote overwhelmingly for Zanu-PF and its presidential candidate, President Mnangagwa. "Come July 30, I urge you to vote overwhelmingly for Zanu-PF and President Mnangagwa to ensure the continuation of the various development programmes we have initiated.

"You are witnessing the number of companies we are opening everyday as we work towards creating a middle income economy by 2030," he added.

He said the $4,5 billion platinum mine in Selous would be opened this week, evidence of the work Government is doing to revive the economy. VP Chiwenga also said Government was working on master plans to address service delivery in Harare and other urban areas.

"Government is working on a master plan for Harare and other urban areas to address issues of service delivery like provision of clean water, sewer reticulation, refuse collection and proper roads.

"We also understand that a number of housing cooperatives are facing challenges especially in requisite infrastructure. We will regularise every cooperative to ensure they access the basic infrastructure but no house will be demolished," he added. VP Chiwenga said Government had scrapped user fees in hospitals for children under five years old, expectant mothers and those above 65 years.

"Government has scrapped fees for children under five years, expectant mothers and those above 65 years. Even those requiring blood transfusion no longer pay for the blood.

"In education, Government will continue with the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM) to assist vulnerable children. However, no child should be sent home because they have not paid fees," VP Chiwenga said.
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