Ndhlukula projects rush in investments after elections

Ndhlukula projects rush in investments after elections
Published: 12 July 2018
ZIMBABWEAN businesses should be self-adaptive and grab investment opportunities being ushered in by the new political dispensation.

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) immediate past president, Dr Devine Ndhlukula said this recently as she projected a rush for investment opportunities after the elections.

Zimbabwe is due to hold its harmonised election this month. She said tough times lie ahead for those businesses that resist change as the prevailing climate requires dynamic business leaders.

"The mantra that 'Zimbabwe is open for business' is a dawn of a new era. There will be a rude awakening after elections if we are not organised because the coming season is not for people who are disorganised," said Dr Ndhlukula.

"This is a knowledge era and let us be ready for what is coming and have firm footing. 'Feja feja' (gambling) will not work anymore because investors come because of the calibre of leadership.

Dr Ndhlukula challenged local businesses to position themselves for transformation.

She said ZNCC had remained focused during the trying economic times including the past year when she was president. Dr Ndhlukula said every business should be an example of transparency.

"Global players are coming in and our encouragement is that locals should seek partnerships with them. Quality is the name of the game as there will be many choices for the consumer. We need Zimbabwean products and services out there so that we generate foreign currency," she said.

The business community leaders who attended the recent ZNCC congress here also stressed the need for a new economic culture.

They implored local companies to embrace Public-Private-Partnerships to boost capacities.

Matabeleland North Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Cain Mathema commended ZNCC for organising a platform where business and entrepreneurs came together. He said Government and business need to work together as they are inseparable.

"Local investors should lead in inviting foreign investors and I would like to see a situation whereby whenever the President or his two deputies go out of the country, they are accompanied by a huge delegation of business people," said Mathema.

Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Mines chief executive Mr Morris Mpofu concurred and called for a paradigm shift in business conduct.

"The customer base is becoming more aligned to the notion of responsible corporate behaviour influenced by environmental and health impact awareness, corporate social investment, good governance and investment," he said.

"We are now moving into positive territory hence we also need to change positively. There is a need for adaptive leadership where we are able to self introspect, raise self awareness and key interest of strategy."
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