Zanu-PF taken to court

Published: 15 July 2018
THE Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) says it is in working on a High Court Chamber application challenging the sending of mobile phone text messages to individuals by political parties canvassing for.

Addressing a meeting of the ZCTU's elected leadership, ZLHR's Noble Chinhano said the text messages had become a source of intimidation and fear for citizens, especially rural folks who still had memories of past election violence.

"We are working on a chamber application, but we can't point at ZEC because there is no proof; still, political parties are not allowed to send such messages to people," he said.

"When the messages were initially sent we thought it was a service provider, but we got to understand it could not be.

"We don't think it's (industry regulator) POTRAZ because they (whoever provided the information to Zanu-PF) have more information than what these guys have."

Earlier this month, the ruling party was allegedly granted access to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) database where it reportedly accessed mobile phone details of registered voters and then sent them text messages soliciting for votes.
- newzimbabwe
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