Mnangagwa misleads country on food self sufficiency

Mnangagwa misleads country on food self sufficiency
Published: 17 July 2018
President Emmerson Mnangagwa is grossly misleading the country regarding food self sufficiency, a leading financial research firm has said.

Equity Axis said latest trade data show a spike in maize imports.

This comes against the background of repeated confirmation by authorities that Zimbabwe is now food self sufficient following a good harvest in 2017.

Speaking in Mutare over the weekend, Mnangagwa said the country's food security is a "done deal."

"This was however, insincere as projected maize produce for the current year comes short of meeting demand and the resultant maize import spike reflects the status quo of supply shortfall," the research firm said.

"Zimbabwe demands circa 1,6 million mt of maize annually and with an expected production level of 0,6 million mt from the 2017/18 season, a shortfall of 1 million is expected.

"Assuming Zim achieved a tonnage of 2,1 million mt in 2016/17 season, an excess of 0,5 million mt was spared, thus reducing the current year shortfall gap to 0,5 million mt.  Despite the denial by government, statistics show a clandestine admittance through maize imports growth, it said.
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