Zanu-PF leading by example, claims SB Moyo

Zanu-PF leading by example, claims SB Moyo
Published: 25 July 2018
Zanu-PF Mberengwa Senatorial candidate Dr Sibusiso Moyo yesterday said the ruling party was leading by example in the conduct of mature politics by ignoring taunts and insults from other political outfits.

In a post on Twitter, Dr Moyo said instead Zanu-PF would concentrate on its main objective of rallying behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa and party candidates ahead of the harmonised elections next Monday.

"We've been quiet while abuse has been spewed at us over the last few months, its called maturity not dumbness!

"We are not here to denigrate but simply to say what we've done and where we're going! The message is simple and true – vote for ED Mnangagwa for the simple truth!" posted Dr Moyo.

In a telephone interview yesterday evening, Dr Moyo said Zanu-PF, as a ruling party, had to lead by example and not partake in petty fights.  "Zanu-PF is a ruling party so it cannot act like an opposition and neither can it act like a cry baby like the opposition. We are not attacking anyone in the opposition just because we want to introduce civil politics and this civil politics should be embedded within the values of this country," he said.

Dr Moyo said the party wanted to promote and maintain peace in the country, especially on the eve of elections.  "The fact that we are not responding to certain accusations which are directed at the party or at the officials does not necessarily mean that we are unable to, but we are tolerating all that for the purposes of peace and tranquility," he said.

Dr Moyo said most insults directed at the party, the Office of the President and person of the President and party officials emanated from social media.

"It has been mostly by social media, some political parties and some mainstream media outlets. However, Zanu-PF is bigger than that and our maturity and mandate to keep peace hinders us from responding to such," he said.

"This election is not about us the leaders; it's about the people. And therefore we must have people who can swallow and sacrifice issues as long as it benefits the people".
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