Zanu-PF compiles national skills database for jobless youths

Zanu-PF compiles national skills database for jobless youths
Published: 17 September 2018
THE Zanu-PF Youth League has started compiling a national database for youths containing qualifications or acquired skills to help them get employment.

The project is outlined in the league's work plan as it shifts focus from the election era, looking ahead to active participation in the development of the country.

The database will have youths' competencies and interests with a view to helping them to access opportunities in industry. Secretary for the Youth League, Pupurai Togarepi, yesterday said the nationwide programme would be rolled out soon to capture every youth and ensure that no-one is left behind.

He said the youth league and progressive youth organisations would engage the local and international business communities in an effort to increase participation by youths at all levels of economic development.

"Our focus will be on supporting innovation and employment creation by the youth more than creating employees. We have companies owned by the youth league and those owned by progressive youth organisations. The youth will identify activities they can participate in on the value chain and pursue them," he said.

"We will engage Government departments or ministries to encourage them to establish youth desks that will be run by individuals who have acquired youth friendly communication skills and who are well vested in youth engagement in economic growth."

Togarepi said the youth league intended to engage Government to re-launch the Youth Policy Document and ensure the recommendations in it are implemented and possibly make some areas of the policy upgraded into laws.

"Areas on youth participation in decision-making have been under serious focus by the new dispensation led by the able leadership of His Excellency our President Mnangagwa. Our hope is laws and regulations should be put in place to strengthen the youth policy," he said.

Togarepi applauded President Mnangagwa for appointing youthful ministers to lead Zimbabwe, and called for the youth to support them. He said they are expecting the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation to champion youth participation, facilitate economic development trainings and accessibility to resources.

"We will expect the Ministry to play midwife as we develop an inclusive approach to interests that we expect every ministry to embrace. We expect the Ministry to play a leading role in the capitalisation of the Empowerment Bank so that it fulfils its mandate," said Togarepi.

The time for prioritising politics, he said, was now past and youths were investing all their energy in nation building. He said the youth have a role to play in making Zimbabwe great again and should actively participate in President Mnangagwa's vision.

"As the vanguard of the party, the youth league is ready to serve the country and help in developing this great nation of ours. We are ready to work for a better Zimbabwe under President Mnangagwa's time-tested and enduring leadership," said Togarepi.

Meanwhile, the victory celebrations that were scheduled for Friday last week were postponed following a directive from the police not to hold public gatherings due to the cholera outbreak. Togarepi said new dates would be announced in due course.

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