Chamisa - PFeee

Chamisa - PFeee
Published: 02 December 2018
Jokes have always been made on whether the leadership of the MDC want to take over the running of the country or that they would rather remain opposition.

They attribute this to the spectacular own goals that "the party of excellence" is always scoring at crucial times, which usually results in splits or internal upheavals.

One of the most topical events of the past week was to see some MDC clowns reprimanding their vice-president Elias Mudzuri in a clearly stage-managed event for purposes of wider circulation to members.

Mudzuri's crime was that he had attended a parliamentary event at State House.

Those in the know — and there are many — will tell you that among the most vocal in the mob was a gentleman who can occasionally be seen dining with senior Zanu-PF officials in upmarket restaurants.

Among the senior officials that he meets are state security ministers and former MDC officials who abandoned the party many years ago.

The other mobster is an ally of vice-president Dr Dhibhiritating.

It will be interesting to see what the party will look like when they are done with it.

But neutrals were asking what exactly the MDC-PF really wants.

Its MPs were united with their comrades from Zanu-PF in calling for parliamentary vehicles during a workshop in Bulawayo recently.

Senior officials from the party who are lawyers are legal representatives for senior Zanu-PF officials.

The party presidential candidate received endorsement from former Zanu-PF leader Robert Mugabe.

After they marched in Harare, they submitted some petition demanding talks.

The less charitable say the petition is some form of demand for jobs.

The question remains: What exactly does the MDC really want?

Are they in Parliament or they are out?

Last time it was Thokozani Khupe who was heckled and threatened by the violent and hooligan component in the party. when will such behaviour end and who is next?

By the time Germans tried to stop Hitler after being mesmerised by his eloquence and intimidated by his Vanguard called the Brownshirts, it was already too late.

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