New fast food outlet opens

New fast food outlet opens
Published: 24 April 2019
A NEW world class fast food outlet, Steak 'n Chips has been opened in Gweru, a major investment set to increase competition in the sector.

The former Size Butchery was converted into a state-of-the-art outlet whose services by far surpass its competitors and older players.  

The outlet opened its doors on Saturday and offers pizza, burgers, chicken and chips combos, shawarma at relatively low prices and offers home delivery.

Steak 'n Chips has become a game changer in the Gweru fast food sector with competitors now feeling the heat.

The outlet does not demand foreign currency as is happening with other players in the fast growing industry. It is wholly owned by a local young businessman, Mr Tawedzerwa Mudzvoka who also owns telecommunications accessories and hardware shops.

Mr Mudzvoka said all products being sold in the outlet are local.

"We have taken heed of the Buy Zimbabwe call by Government and we are getting all our products locally. Our chicken, potatoes, flour and many other cooking ingredients are produced locally. We also accept all forms of payment. We trade in local currency and we do not demand foreign currency like other players do.

"We know the industry has stiff competition but we are up for the challenge," he said.

Mr Mudzvoka said the initiative will also go a long way in creating employment opportunities in Gweru.

"All our employees are from Gweru. We took them and sent them for training. The idea is to create jobs for the youth in the city.  

"We have about 20 employees. We also have a bakery side. Our prices are far lower than other players because we do not import anything," he said.
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