Mnangagnwa's govt hikes health workers' salaries

Published: 28 April 2019
GOVERNMENT has gazetted new salaries for health workers in the medical and allied industry, with the least paid worker getting $330 and the highest paid getting $649 per month.

Statutory Instrument 93 of 2019 gazette published on Friday outlined the new remuneration scales.

"Every employer shall place each employee in a grade listed in the job grading and wages schedule appropriate to his or her occupation and shall not pay a wage lesser than prescribed to such schedule including any other prescribed employment benefits and no employee shall accept benefits less than the amount of wages and benefits prescribed," the government gazette reads.

"A productivity bonus or incentive scheme may be paid to an employee on a rate agreed upon by the employer and concerned employees or their works council.

"Where transport is not provided, an employer shall be obliged to pay a monthly transport allowance of $50,00."

The medical and allied industry consists of workers from private hospitals and clinics, private pharmacies, private laboratories, private radiology services, private emergency medical services, doctors' rooms, obstetrics, dermatology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, oncology and dentistry.

"This agreement is made and entered into accordance with the provisions of the Labour Act between the Medical and Allied Employer's Association of Zimbabwe, the Health Services Employers Association of Zimbabwe, and the Medical Professional and Allied Workers' Union of Zimbabwe being parties to the National Employment Council for the Medical and Allied Industry to substitute the whole of the provisions of the agreement published in Statutory Instrument 58 of 2014," the gazette reads.

According to the gazette, the lowest paid nurse will be getting $378, while the highest paid one gets $649.

The lowest paid technician salary is pegged at $404 while the highest paid get $649.

This comes after contract health workers wrote a letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa last year complaining about deplorable working conditions of government contract workers under the Health and Child Care ministry.

In the letter, the employees revealed that they were earning a net salary of $289,50.

Research shows that Zimbabwe health workers are the lowest paid compared to other health workers globally.
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