ZRP impounds 5 000 unregistered vehicles

Published: 13 June 2019
The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has impounded 5 000 unregistered vehicles since January this year as part of its ongoing crackdown on unregistered vehicles.

Registration of vehicles and display of number plates is mandatory as provided by the Vehicle Registration and Licence Act.

However, Harare's roads are fast turning into a jungle as a result of wanton disregard of this legislative provision.

There is an exception for the newly imported vehicles to display the proper number plates but they are required to display temporary plates provided by the Central Vehicle Registry.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said some criminals are taking advantage of the situation and deliberately remove their number plates to commit crime.

"It is an offense to use unregistered vehicles. There has been an increase in case rate as a result of this. We have impounded 5 000 vehicles and we are not going to release those vehicles unless their owners follow the law. Government vehicles will not be spared and we encourage registration and display of number plates. We have recorded 70 cases of armed robberies involving unregistered vehicles," said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.

Whilst it is a legal requirement to register vehicles, the move is aimed at protecting vehicles and reducing vehicle theft.

The country has been facing shortages of number plates, a move attributed to the scarcity of foreign currency shortages.

This has also resulted in the country losing potential revenue through the registration process.
- zbc
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