'Mnangagwa political dialogue a joke'

 'Mnangagwa political dialogue a joke'
Published: 25 June 2019
UNITED African National Congress (UANC) leader Gwinyai Muzorewa has said political dialogue between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and multiple fringe opposition parties is not going to yield anything.

Muzorewa told the Daily News the dialogue will not change anything.

"This dialogue is a political filibuster. Mnangagwa has said ‘tinongotonga, tichingotonga imi muchingovukura (we will continue ruling while you are barking)'. The people who are participating in the dialogue are barking and Zanu-PF is ruling.

"I don't think they will change anything with that dialogue. The participants especially without (MDC president Nelson) Chamisa, the people who are participating lost and there is nothing they are going to change with that dialogue."

Recently, Mnangagwa launched the political actors dialogue (Polad), which political analysts have said is meaningless as it does not involve Chamisa - who narrowly lost to the Zanu-PF leader in last July's hotly-contested polls.

"We are not participating in the dialogue because that dialogue is a joke.

"I understand they are getting good meals, allowances and staying in hotels.

"That's not what we are after. As UANC, want to create opportunities for the nation to have enough jobs," Muzorewa said.

He added that Mnangagwa is clueless on how to solve the current economic crisis.

"If a political party goes to election, it must have a manifesto. What was Mnangangwa's manifesto when he participated in last year's election? He is now begging to find out what needs to be done for the country.

"There is no vision, if he does have a vision he would not call these people (opposition parties) saying tell me how to run a country.

"He should have known how to run a country; the dialogue is for Mnangagwa to hear how to run a country that is why I am not participating in that dialogue." ‘Mnangagwa political dialogue a joke'

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