'Devolution a disappointment'

The huge public expectations raised by devolved government in Zimbabwe have turned into disappointment, the Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (Zimcodd) has said, after government failed to av...

By Staff reporter | Published: 16 July 2019


Poverty index to guide devolution funding

GOVERNMENT will use the poverty index to prioritise disbursement of funds to facilitate development at local level in line with the devolution drive, Finance and Economic Development Minister, Profess...

By Staff reporter | Published: 26 April 2019


Devolution: Laying ground for provincial economies

The 2019 Budget Statement allocates US$310 million for provincial and local tiers.This fulfils our promise to the electorate to uphold and implement Chapter 14 of our Constitution, which enjoins Gover...

By E D Mnangagwa | Published: 02 December 2018


Devolution wheels start turning

CABINET has approved the amendment of the Provincial Councils and Administration Bill, a move which could see the fulfilment of the long awaited devolution of power.Briefing journalists after Cabinet,...

By Staff reporter | Published: 21 November 2018


Devolution will develop provinces with natural resources

CHIVI South MP Killer Zivhu (Zanu PF) on Wednesday said devolution of power will enable provinces with mineral deposits to develop from their natural resources.Speaking to Southern Eye, Zivhu said fai...

By Staff reporter | Published: 21 September 2018


Bulawayo pins hopes on devolution

BULAWAYO Province has high hopes about devolution of power for the city's re-industrialisation and job creation as a devolved system would allow the city to shape its destiny. The Government is workin...

By Staff reporter | Published: 21 September 2018


Chamisa' Alliance welcomes devolution amendments

NELSON Chamisa's opposition MDC Alliance party yesterday warmed up to government plans to amend the Constitution to allow for easier implementation of devolution.The party's shadow local government mi...

By Staff reporter | Published: 17 September 2018


Chamisa calls Mnangangwa bluff on devolution

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has claimed President Emmerson Mnangagwa was bluffing on his promises to implement devolution, accusing him of violating the Constitution by appointing Ministers of State for...

By Staff reporter | Published: 13 September 2018


Devolution expected to take centre stage in Parliament

THE public outreach that led to the crafting of the new Constitution in 2013 saw the birth of devolution of power. A majority of provinces advocated for the system of governance which was one of the i...

By Staff reporter | Published: 12 September 2018


Chiwenga explains devolution

Zimbabwe is a unitary state and the devolution to be implemented is economic- oriented where provincial councils should initiate and champion economic programmes for their respective provinces, Vice P...

By Staff reporter | Published: 09 July 2018


Govt spells out devolution plan

Government has a comprehensive devolution master plan that will see provinces assigned specific economic development responsibilities, Acting President Dr Constantino Chiwenga has said.At a community ...

By Staff exporter | Published: 01 July 2018


Mnangagwa's goverment meets on devolution

Government on Tuesday held an inaugural policy meeting on decentralisation and devolution as President Mnangagwa's administration walks the talk on devolving power to provincial levels in line with th...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 June 2018


Mnangagwa attracts arrows over devolution

Civic and political groups have accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of playing to the gallery by promising to implement devolution if he wins next month's elections.The new Constitution written and p...

By Staff reporter | Published: 27 June 2018


Nkomo pledges to implement devolution of power

OPPOSITION People's Rainbow Coalition (PRC) vice-president Samuel Sipepa Nkomo says once voted into power his party will ensure that devolution of power is implemented from ward level so that there wa...

By Staff reporter | Published: 26 June 2018


Mnangagwa speaks on devolution and second republic

GWANDA President Mnangagwa's Government is working on a second republic in which constitutional provisions to devolve power to provincial levels will become reality soon after next month's harmonised ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 23 June 2018


Devolution key to cleaning up mess in councils

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa last week accused MDC-T run councils of performing badly and urged Zanu-PF supporters to vote them out.Mnangagwa was right, some MDC-T councils have been woeful and certai...

By Staff reporter | Published: 04 June 2018


Why devolution of power is non-negotiable

The argument that was and is still propounded by some sections of the Zimbabweans society is both frivolous and vexatious for a number of reasons, which I will discuss in this instalment.Let me, howe...

By Dumisani O Nkomo | Published: 04 June 2018


Senators implore Govt to implement devolution

SENATORS have called on the Government to implement devolution as provided for in the constitution to ensure equal distribution of resources and opportunities to all the country's 10 provinces.Debatin...

By Staff reporter | Published: 14 May 2018


Con-Court challenge over devolution

Legislators have upped pressure against the Executive's plans to scrap a constitutional provision that devolves power to provinces, and are mulling taking the case to the Constitutional Court.In his 2...

By Staff reporter | Published: 06 February 2018


'Mnangagwa will never implement devolution'

Alliance for National Salvation (ANSA) president, Moses Mzila Ndlovu says President Emmerson Mnangagwa cannot afford to implement devolution of power, claiming that doing so will be a betrayal of the ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 03 February 2018

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