Strike looms in construction sector

Strike looms in construction sector
Published: 04 July 2018
A crippling strike is looming in the construction sector over failure by employers to increase salaries by three percent.

This follows a March 27 agreement whereby the employers made an undertaking to increase salaries by three percent.

Three months later, the adjustment is yet to be effected.

The Zimbabwe Construction and Allied Trades Workers Union (ZCATWU) has written to employers in the industry, notifying them of the employees' intention to take to the streets to vent their frustration over the lack of implementation of the agreement.

The union's general-secretary, Muchapiwa Mazarura, said it has now become clear that the employers were not taking the matter seriously.

"ZCATWU is therefore organising for a national strike over wages for all workers in the construction sector.  Please be advised that the day for the strike action will be advised in due course," he said.

ZCATWU legal counsel, Lovemore Madhuku, has also written to the industry's national employment council to force the employers' to comply.

"I write to advise that it is my considered view that the agreement signed by the parties on 27th March, 2018 is legally binding contract. The employers have to increase salaries by a minimum of three percent. The further negotiations contemplated by the parties only relate to whether or not the employers may improve on the three percent position," Madhuku wrote.

"It is the responsibility of NEC, as a separate legal persona, to ensure that the employer party abides by agreements voluntarily entered into under its auspices. My client believes that with the assistance of the NEC, the employers will abide by the agreement of 27 March 2018. If the employers breach the agreement, I have strict instructions to institute appropriate legal proceeding to enforce the aforementioned agreement."
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