DHL workers cry foul

DHL workers cry foul
Published: 05 July 2018
DHL Zimbabwe a courier service company entrusted with handling people's goods is accused of infringing workers' rights by forcing them to reveal their Ecocash transactions.

Some workers have since left the organisation for being forced to reveal their transactions while others have been questioned by company authorities after revealing their Ecocash transactions.

The human resource manager Violet Kadye said she could not comment on the issue.

"No comment. Bye," she said before hanging the phone.

Efforts to engage her again were fruitless as she was not picking the phone and questions sent to her via WhatsApp went unanswered in spite of being read.

"The officials are forcing us to surrender our Ecocash transactions to them because they think we are stealing from them.

"It started in March when we were called by the HR department and each person was asked to show them their Ecocash transactions and we were not comfortable doing so. Those who refused to hand over their phones were threatened.

"The officials said they would deal with anyone who fails to cooperate and this is forcing everyone to just surrender their phones of which I believe this is private."

It is said some people have resigned because of this.

"We were called to the police station around March and when we got there, there were a lot of stories that had been fabricated against us and this forced me to resign because I couldn't stay at such a place," said a former worker who resigned.

"One cannot even understand what they are doing but it is not fair for one to invade someone's privacy.

"Now I don't know what will happen because they haven't given me my money yet and I don't even know when they will give us."
- hmetro
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