Police officers clash over lucrative Gokwe mine

Published: 01 July 2019
There was drama when police from Nembudzia Police Station fought and disarmed their counterparts from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in Gokwe after they tried to arrest an officer implicated in illegal mining.

The police officer was arrested for illegal mining, together with six other illegal miners at the Zenda mining area before he was released under unclear circumstance.

According to sources, one Constable Mahachi, attached to Police Internal Security Intelligence unit at Nembudzia Police Station, was arrested after he was found illegally mining together with other six illegal miners at Chigumba Mine, Mutukane, Nembudzia area, which belonged to a Rigan Chigumba.

After the arrest, Mahachi was, however, released under unclear circumstances. The other six, appeared at the Gokwe Magistrates' Courts on June 17 this year, but the matter could not kick-off after they demanded to be jointly charged with Mahachi.

The six were then interviewed by CID Gokwe officers, and revealed that they were part of a syndicate allegedly run by ZRP Nembudzia Inspector Julius.

They alleged that Inspector Julius at times offered a police vehicle and other equipment used in mining and they would share the spoils.

CID Gokwe received information to the effect that there were other members of the ZRP who were illegally mining at Chigumba Mine, despite the mine operations having been stopped by the Mines ministry over a dispute between Chigumba and one Mashayamombe.

The detectives then reacted to information and went to the mine without notifying CID Nembudzia. On arrival at ZRP Nembudzia to arrest Mahachi, Nembudzia Officer-ln-Charge Inspector Julius then ordered his subordinates to disarm the CID officers.

The source told NewsDay that Julius then complained that the CID Gokwe had come into his jurisdiction without notifying him and accused them of conducting a witch-hunt. He allegedly then freed Mahachi and ordered the CID officers to leave, after handing back their firearms.

The detectives returned to Gokwe without Mahachi.

When contacted for comment, Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Ethel Mukwende referred this paper to Inspector Joel Goko, whose phone was not reachable.
- newsday
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