Mnangagwa should take heed of churches warning

Published: 14 October 2019
IT IS high time President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his administration take decisive action to save the country from going down the precipice. There is ample evidence that as a nation we are moving nowhere, we are stuck in a worsening economic quagmire and the continued tanking of the economy will certainly lead to social upheavals.

There is so much anger in the country, tensions are rising  and soon, very soon  this anger could explode on the national scene. There is so much hatred against Mnangagwa being expressed throughout the country. Citizens are bitter and strongly believe Mnangagwa sold them a dummy when he assumed the presidency on November 24, 2017, promising to depart from the late Robert Mugabe's ruinous economic policies.

The churches have not spared Mnangagwa the rod. The churches' warning that Mnangagwa and his administration must swiftly deal with the challenges bedevilling the country or face an uprising is not only chilling, but instructive. The warning has to be heeded and taken seriously.

Zimbabwe is in all sorts of problems, but all as a result of a toxic political situation. Unemployment, high cost of living, power and fuel shortages, foreign currency scarcity and a deepening liquidity crunch, among other challenges, are spewed by the political cacophony that has been haunting our country since the early 1990s.

What Mnangagwa and his administration must understand is that a political problem needs a political solution. It's clear that even if Zimbabwe hires economists and technocrats from the moon, they will not be able to resuscitate our economy simply because the problem is not the economy, but the politics.

The only way out is for Zimbabweans to find each other, to sit on the negotiating table and thrash out our differences. We need a genuine political dialogue where all players have equal rights and opportunities to hammer out a copper-bottomed agreement to move this country forward.

We need an agreement grounded in both political and economic reforms that will guarantee peace and stability in the country.

Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa of the MDC must subordinate their personal and party egos to the national good of saving the people from abject poverty.

The two leaders should disembark from their high horses to lead the rebuilding of this beautiful country. They should be the torchbearers, not agents and sponsors of chaos and poverty in the country.

History will judge them harshly if they decide not to pursue negotiations and allow this country to become another Syria!
- dailynews
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