Zanu-PF, MDC square off over sanctions

Published: 18 October 2019
ZANU-PF and MDC are engaged in a battle of wits over next week's anti-sanctions day after the parties lined up events to support and denounce the Southern African Development Community (Sadc). This comes after Sadc set October 25 to campaign against targeted sanctions on some Zimbabwe leaders.

The decision was taken during the 39th Sadc summit in Tanzania recently and the bloc's executive secretary, Stergomena Lawrence Tax, said the sanctions were destroying the country's economy.
MDC provincial chairperson for North America, Tawanda Dzvokora, said the party has lined-up protests against Sadc.

"We are planning big demonstrations. We want to send a clear message that Sadc is misleading the world by supporting a government which is killing people and abducting labour leaders and activists," he said.

MDC activist Betty Makoni, who is in London, wrote on Twitter that they are going to demonstrate at the Tanzania High Commission on October 25.

"It is us the people of Zimbabwe who called for demo against Sadc chair who wants to support abductions, murder and rapes in Zimbabwe. How can a people watch as a whole president shoot (sic) people in broad daylight? How can women get raped and no arrest is made. You can't let dictators from Sadc further oppress us and our future generations"

This comes as Zanu-PF is planning to petition America over the sanctions.

"We do not see any reason why the sanctions should last and do not understand how deteriorating the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe and undermining our economic growth reflects the interests of US national security," the petition reads.

"We see economic pressure in the form of sanctions as an act of political blackmail designed to keep the residual US influence in Africa, as opposed to China and Russia.

"Moreover, many American companies would like to come to Zimbabwe, but they cannot because of their own authorities. If the United States is not interested in the African market nor in investing in Zimbabwe, and restricting its own companies in doing so, then let them not stop others from cooperating with  us."
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