Eskom threatens to switch off ZESA

Eskom threatens to switch off ZESA
Published: 26 July 2017
South African power utility, Eskom has threatened to switch off ZESA Holdings by the end of this month if it fails to adhere to the agreed payment plan.

The government through ZESA Holdings agreed to pay US$10 million monthly to Eskom as part of settling power arrears which had reached US$43 million dollars.

Owing to inadequate foreign currency, sources say part payment was made this month which did not satisfy the South African power utility, hence the threats to switch off ZESA Holdings by the end of this month if payments are not made.

Sources could not be drawn into stating how much the government has paid to Eskom this month.

In a bid to save the country from darkness, the Minister of Energy and Power Development, Dr Samuel Undenge said negotiations are underway with officials from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and Ministry of Finance and Economic Development to pay outstanding amounts.

Zimbabwe has been relying on power imports from South Africa and HCB of Mozambique to boost power supplies as a way of promoting production in the economy.

The country currently needs all available and uninterrupted power considering the high agricultural activities at the Grain Marketing (GMB) depots and the irrigation of the wheat crop.
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