AAG wades into Hwange salaries saga

AAG wades into Hwange salaries saga
Published: 21 November 2018
The Affirmative Action Group (AAG) has written to the new Hwange Colliery Company(HCCL) administrator Bekithemba Moyo seeking audience with him over the unpaid employees.

Employees are reportedly owed up to $70 million and HCCL is considering selling Hwange town so as to pay off the obligations.

This comes after government recently placed the ailing coal mining firm under the Moyo-led administration to allow it to recover and potentially return to profitability.

Possibly seeing hope after Moyo's coming in, AAG felt it was time to act.

"As you have been briefed, about 2 500 of Colliery employees had litigated for the company to be placed under judicial management to avert the company from sinking into bankruptcy as a result of corruption, mismanagement and asset-stripping," AAG principal officer Denzel Sita wrote to Moyo in a letter that is in our possession.

"This endeavour was strongly resisted by the executives, management and politicians, who were benefitting from the violation of the company's resources. They nicodemously obtained a court order for a scheme of arrangement from the Harare High Court, disregarding pending matters at the Bulawayo High Court."

The letter added: "We therefore, urgently request an audience with you to discuss the outstanding salaries of employees and other issues, including the court order for judicial management."

Sita noted that it would be mutually beneficial to have a fruitful round table engagement as part of restoring the legacy of the company.

The letter by  AAG comes a few days after members of the Mines parliamentary portfolio committee were left seething with anger after Moyo and his team snubbed the Themba Mliswa-led committee.
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