Ralph Mupita paid R66.3 million by MTN for 2019

 Ralph Mupita paid R66.3 million by MTN for 2019
Published: 31 March 2020
MTN has published its integrated report for 2019, showing what its top executives were paid in the last year.

MTN group chief financial officer, Ralph Mupita, took home the largest salary at the group in 2019, earning R66.3 million for the year. This includes a basic salary of R9.15 million, other benefits of R43.8 million (including R42 million paid out as part of an incentive scheme), and a R13.4 million bonus.

Group chief executive officer, Rob Shuter took home a salary of R58.23 million, including a basic salary of R17.3 million and a R27.6 million bonus.

Including executive directors and prescribed officers, MTN paid a total of R292.2 million in salaries to its 12 top executives in 2019.

Of this, prescribed officers accounted for R167.7 million.

The table below outlines how they were paid.

Split across a year (365 days), the average executive earns R49,950 a day - with Shuter and Mupita earning R159,550 and R181,650 a day, respectively.

The table below outlines how these salaries a split per day:

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