How to write a perfect business plan

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. - Vince LombardiEven those who write business plans on a regular basis have difficulty in defining the perfect product...

By Phillip Chichoni | Published: 25 August 2013


Negotiating project scope for successful project management

The secret to good project management is good scope management. But how many realise that effective scope management is really all about negotiation? In this week's newsletter we unpack the skill of p...

By Regenesys Business School | Published: 08 August 2013


Youth live too much for the now

Only about 50% of employed youth contribute to a pension or provident fund and only 13% have a retirement annuity, according to Old Mutual.Lynette Nicholson, head of research at Old Mutual, described ...

By Business reporter | Published: 05 July 2013


How to build the perfect investment portfolio

Investment portfolios - or, in plain English, collections of assets - can diminish the risk inherent in stock markets by diversification or avoiding having too many eggs in one basket.A huge industry ...

By Ian Cowie | Published: 05 July 2013


How to invest on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

Zimbabwe dominated the list of sub-Saharan Africa's top-performing stocks of 2011. In light of this, I thought it might be helpful to run through the details of actually buying and selling stock on th...

By Ryan Hoover | Published: 11 June 2013

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