Zanu-PF commends Mnangagwa over Cabinet appointments

 Zanu-PF commends Mnangagwa over Cabinet appointments
Published: 10 September 2018
ZANU-PF yesterday commended President Mnangagwa for appointing Cabinet Ministers on meritocracy, saying the new team has the capacity to drive his vision of modernising the country while creating wealth and jobs.

The party's national spokesperson Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo said the President had appointed Cabinet Ministers without tainted histories.

Last Friday, the President appointed 20 Cabinet Ministers set to drive his vision to create a middle income economy by 2030.

"The revolutionary Zanu-PF party is elated to convey solid and compound congratulations to His Excellency, the President and First Secretary ED Mnangagwa for appointing a Cabinet of massive depth, varied experience, integrity, meritocracy, competent by definition, vibrant hopefully corruption-free and focused," said Ambassador Khaya Moyo, while encouraging them to embrace team work.

"The mix is inspirational and the opportunity must not be squandered. We wish them all, superb performance."

He said the new ministers and their deputies and provincial ministers should be cognisant that the party is supreme over Government. Ambassador Khaya Moyo said President Mnangagwa has a great vision for the country and the ministers should help him achieve that vision.

The President has set a 12-year target for the country to attain a middle income status by 2030.

"The Ministers will no doubt assist His Excellency ED Mnangagwa to achieve his vision for prosperous Zimbabwe in the context of what the recent party's manifesto demands and what the people have spoken, loud and clear," said Ambassador Khaya Moyo.

He said today's swearing in ceremony marks the beginning of real work as Ministers start their work in earnest with expectations that they deliver on economic emancipation. Ambassador Khaya Moyo challenged Zimbabweans to contribute towards revival of the country's economy as this is everybody's responsibility through promoting unity, peace and development. War veterans also welcomed the new Cabinet saying it has potential to deliver.

Addressing former freedom fighters at the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans' Association Bulawayo offices yesterday, the association's secretary general Victor Matematanda said President Mnangagwa picked a winning team giving the opposition no space to criticise it.

"Let us support our President, let's support his ministers because some people are going to use you to complain about the people he appointed as ministers. Who thought that Kirsty Coventry would be appointed a Minister? Mthuli (Ncube) has been appointed. Let us support the President, let us support every initiative but I'm not saying we must do it blindly," he said.

Matematanda welcomed former Ministers Dr Obert Mpofu and Simon Khaya Moyo for endorsing the Cabinet. Turning to problems affecting the ex-combatants, he said the party and Government are working to address their issues.

"On issues to do with welfare we have told the President about everything and the President has agreed to meet us so that he can tell us what he has as of now," he said.

Matematanda said war veterans should put their differences aside and unite so that their issues can be addressed wholesomely.

"We should put aside useless differences, let's unite and work for development. You and I promised that we were going to deliver after the liberation struggle, but we haven't delivered," said Matematanda.

"Others will pinpoint certain individuals but together we have failed. If we cannot meet and talk that is failing. So let us engage. I promise that we are going to try to work for you. We will do our best I will tell the Minister Oppah (Muchinguri-Kashiri, the Defence and War Veterans' Minister) that she and I will work for you."

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