Zvoma, wife in stalemate over property

Published: 22 October 2019
FORMER clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma and his estranged wife Maria (nee Jeche), have reached a stalemate over the distribution of their immovable properties in Harare in divorce proceedings currently underway at the High Court.

According to draft pre-trial conference document of September 26, 2019, the two are seeking a determination from the High Court on how their properties ? identified as Lot 2 Kilworth Estate Merwede and another one in Gletwin, Chishawasha ? should be distributed.

The two also want direction on how number 6 Birkdale Drive in Glen Lorne, Harare will be divided and apportioned between the parties.

The two were married under the Customary Act (Chapter 5:07) on April 3, 1978 before Zvoma married another woman on December 17, 2006 under the Marriages Act (Chapter 5:11).
Maria approached the High Court demanding a divorce, claiming the marriage between the two had irretrievably broken down, adding that there were no prospects of restoration.

According to Maria, the parties jointly own a property in Glen Lorne measuring 4 257 square metres and another in Gletywn, Chishawasha Hills and a farm in Merwede, Harare.

"When the Glen Lorne property was acquired in 1987 the plaintiff contributed since she was employed. It is equitable that she be awarded 100 percent shares of the Glen Lorne and Chishawasha Hills houses and the farm.

"I insist that Zvoma left the matrimonial home in 1993 and has not done anything towards the maintenance or upkeep of the matrimonial home in Glen Lorne, but instead had used the house as collateral for his personal loans. Since 2000 the defendant was taking out loans using the Glen Lorne house as collateral and the house is now encumbered by the loans," Maria said.
But Zvoma denied abandoning the matrimonial home, claiming he left by mutual agreement.

"Both parties lost all love and affection for each other. The farm in question belongs to the government, allocated under the land reform programme. The defendant neither owns nor leases the property and it is not available for allocation and distribution upon divorce.

"The defendant got married to his current wife on December 17, 2006 under the Marriages Act (Chapter 5:11). Accordingly plaintiff has no legal claim or entitlement to any property acquired or allocated to defendant after December 17, 2006," said Zvoma in his plea.

He went on to demand 60 percent of the Glen Lorne house, adding that the remainder is what should be given to Maria.
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