Outcry over RDC levy

Published: 02 June 2022
Cattle farmers have raised concern over the exorbitant levy charged by the Rural District Councils (RDC) when selling live cattle to a commercial buyer which has affected their operations.

Currently, farmers are levied up to 11% of the value of the cattle, which goes to RDCs.

"In some districts it has become burdensome and several representation has been made to RDCs in the areas. Some successfully negotiated for lower levies like in Lupane and Nkayi areas, but in other areas the negotiations have not yielded any results for the local farmers," the Livestock and Meat Advisory Council CEO, Reneth Mano, told Business Times.

He said the the confusion stemmed from a lack of cohesion between the groups and with the moves being made towards devolution by government this process would become easier.

"RDCs are part of local government and now under the government policy on devolution we now have the district development coordinators office and the provincial development coordinators so there is new impetus for addressing these long standing policy grievances using the new structures that government has established," Mano said.
- Business Times
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