Concern over theft, vandalism of bins in Bulawayo

Concern over theft, vandalism of bins in Bulawayo
Published: 02 June 2022
The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has expressed concern over the sharp increase in the theft and vandalism of its bins.

Speaking during a stakeholder meeting in Bulawayo, Ward 12 councillor, Lilian Mlilo, said the theft and vandalism was derailing its efforts to ensure a clean environment in the city.

"I plead with all of us here to play our part as guardians of these bins. We have had numerous cases of people stealing and vandalising these bins," she said.

"Let us be cognisant of the that of ours, especially now when we are in the midst of the battle against covid-19 and to conquer the pandemic.

"We need a safe and clean environment. Let us therefore do our due diligence in providing a clean environment for business, "she said. Fact that this occasion is a gentle reminder of the need to protect the environment around us, keeping it smart and preserving it for future generations."

Bulawayo strives to be a leading, smart and transformative city by 2024.

"Your commitment towards Mlilo urged residents to be responsible who are committed to develop the city.

keeping the city clean will surely ensure that we achieve this goal. More so, our thrust Bulawayo was in the past as a city is to cultivate a culture of cleanliness. Our visitors should come to Bulawayo and feel they are in a safe and clean environment," she said.

"It is crucial that we protect the health of our visitors and renowned for its cleanliness and ranked among the world's cleanest cities, but both the city centre and residential areas have become an eyesore in the past few years.
- Business Times
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