Zera licences 307 fuel dealers

Zera licences 307 fuel dealers
Published: 21 February 2014

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority has revealed that it issued 307 licences to fuel importers, wholesalers, producers, blenders and retailers in 2012 in response to the country's increasing demand for fuel.

According to Zera's annual report for 2012, the growth rate in imports of petroleum products was 20% in 2012, 69% in 2011 and 20% in 2010.

In the period under review, Zera issued 228 licences in the retail sector, 48 in procurement, one for the production of ethanol, 5 for the production of blending, 16 as wholesalers and 9 as liquid petroleum gas.

Zera chief executive officer Gloria Magombo said the petroleum sector was deregulated to allow participation of private companies, unlike the period prior to 2008 where participation was dominated by international and foreign companies.
- newsday
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